Our laboratory has suitable facilities for analysing rapeseed, rapeseed cake and canola oil.

Estonian Accreditation CentreOur well-equipped laboratory has been certified by the Estonian Accreditation Centre for EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 compliance since 2000. The laboratory is staffed with experienced professionals.


Rapeseed analyses are performed with XDS spectrometer, which perform swift assessments of raw material quality.

Rapeseed is checked for moisture, oiliness, protein content, glucosinolate content, chlorophyll content, free acidity and erucic acid content. The same equipment can also be used to assess the quality of rapeseed cake.

The additives in rapeseed are established by an SLN3 sample cleaner.

Internationally approved testing methods are used for rapeseed oil analyses.

Seidy Salundi
Laboratory manager
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