Scanola Baltic introduced exclusive Olivia flavoured oils on the market


Starting this spring, Scanola Baltic introduced flavoured oils that give the food an interesting scent and flavour. The oils come in 0.5-litre glass bottles. The Estonian flavoured oils from Olivia are sold in two different taste combinations: chilli-thyme-garlic and sage-garlic-juniper berry.

High-quality Olivia rape seed oil has been infused with herbs from the Tamme horticultural farm. The delicious handmade oils are perfect for seasoning salads, meat dishes, soups and marinades.

Olivia flavoured oils are sold in the Toidumaailm (food court) of the Tartu and Tallinna Kaubamaja, and Stockmann.

Additional information and ordering:

Tarmo Lillepa, telephone +372 510 3086, tarmo.lillepa(at)

Flavoured oils Olivia