Scanola Baltic Constructed a New Warehouse for Rapeseed Cake 


Last week, the rapeseed processing factory of the public limited company Scanola Baltic completed a new building for rapeseed cake. The new warehouse holds approximately 3,000 tons of rapeseed cake, which is one and a half tons more than before.

The old warehouse held 1,500 tons of cake, thus the cake storage capacity of the entire factory together with the old warehouse amounts to approximately 4,500 tons. Scanola Baltic produces approximately 8,000 tons of valuable animal feed – rapeseed cake – in a month. Considering the need for fast and effective movement of goods, this period was logistically strenuous and stressful for the company. The exported rapeseed cake had to be transported to other interim warehouses. So, the construction works for a new warehouse which would hold more cake started last autumn. Modernised storage conditions help to ensure better quality of the rapeseed cake. The cake is transported directly from the warehouse to the ship and then to clients.

Thus, the company achieves more flexibility and efficiency. The processes in the new warehouse are completely automated and managed electronically, which eradicates the need for additional work force. AS Scanola Baltic invested 0.5 million euros in the construction of the new warehouse. The construction works were performed by Nordecon Betoon OÜ.

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