The Scanola Baltic rapeseed oil plant operates at full capacity in strict compliance with emergency health requirements

In addition to the general orders of the Health Board and the Government of the Republic, we have taken additional emergency measures at the Scanola Baltic plant to limit the spread of the infection.

The aim of the measures is to minimize direct people-to-people contacts. All employees, when possible, will work in a home office - being at the factory when it is not absolutely necessary is prohibited. In addition, we have restricted movement and contacts inside the plant and denied access to the factory for anyone not authorized. This includes restricted access for drivers to the factory building. We also ask that partners' direct contacts with Scanola Baltic drivers be minimized or excluded (document transfers, etc., to be organized without direct contact).

As the Scanola Baltic factory has automated production and no human-to-product contact, we assure that the product complies with all the ordinary specifications and quality requirements. Adequate stocks of goods and raw materials are available to meet existing supply obligations. All deliveries will be carried out according to the existing agreements, although with the introduction of border controls, we expect vehicle movement to slow, and this may cause some delays in deliveries - food tankers are special transport vehicles and have limited availability.

In any case, please place your orders as early as possible. We will do our best to fulfill your orders in time.


Alo Süvari
Sales Director of Scanola Baltic AS

+372 564 1118