The producer of Olivia rapeseed oil, AS Scanola Baltic, opened a new refining unit at their factory in Painküla. The fully automated process enables the factory to refine larger volumes of rapeseed oil of higher quality.
The refining capacity of the new devices is 60 tons more rapeseed oil per 24 h compared to the old devices. The modern devices were purchased from Alfa Laval Corporate AB, which is the leading company in the field in Europe.
By today, AS Scanola Baltic has updated all technical fittings at the rapeseed oil factory. In 2013, the new pressing unit with a capacity of 12,000 tons of rapeseeds per month was launched, and in 2015, the new refinement unit with the capacity of 180 tons of refined rapeseed oil per 24 hours was opened.
Estonian rapeseed oil Olivia has been made in Painküla for more than 15 years. This year, Olivia deep frying oil and grill lighter oil were added to the product range.

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AS Scanola Baltic
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The rapeseed processing factory of AS Scanola Baltic in Painküla produces protein rich rape cakes, feed oil and refined rapeseed oil Olivia from domestic rape seeds using the hot pressing method.
Scanola Baltic is the largest oil manufacturer in the region – high-quality cooking oil is effectively made using modern technology.