14 August 2013

Scanola Baltic AS, the manufacturer of Olivia rapeseed oil, opened a new production facility at its Painküla plant, doubling the company's production capacity.

While the old plant's annual capacity was 70,000 tons of rapeseed, the new plant has begun work at full capacity of up to 140,000 tons annually.
The new production facility uses heavy-pressing technology.
The benefits of the new equipment include more efficient production, higher product quality and lower energy consumption per unit produced.
In addition to increased capacity, the new production line will improve efficiency by providing a higher oil yield from the rapeseed in pressing.
The new plant consumes 12,000 tons of rapeseed per month.

A new efficient rapeseed reception centre will open at the plant in August to provide a faster and more convenient reception for rapeseed growers.
Compared to the earlier reception rate of 75 tons per hour, the new centre can receive 300 tons per hour, thereby improving efficiency by reducing waiting times and queues.
The laboratory has also been relocated to improve working conditions for the plant's staff and facilitate quality checks of received raw material during the peak season.
About 14 million euros have been invested into the new plant and reception centre since September 2012.

"The opening of the plant's new facilities will mean increased capacity and faster procedures for farmers, better output prices and the option to market the products in the near area and at better prices," said Scanola Baltic's management board member Ants Puusta.
"This year's rapeseed harvest forecast is average, but our hopes are above average and we have therefore invested into capacity to receive and add value to the Estonian crop, thereby offering a better reward for farmers."

"The opening of the new plant has improved the competitiveness and efficiency of oil producer Scanola Baltic and its parent company Baltic Agro on the Baltic market: we add value through processing the raw material into refined oil and quality granulated rapeseed cake, an innovative product.
We have also expanded our range of bottled oils – besides rapeseed oil, Estonian household kitchens can now enjoy the benefits of our cooking and salad oil," added Puusta.

More information:
Janelle Joakit Head of Marketing, Baltic Agro
+372 511 4611

Scanola Baltic
Scanola Baltic produces rapeseed feed, feeding oil and refined quality cooking oil.

AS Werol Tehased was founded in 1997 with the aim of establishing a high-protein feed and edible oil plant.
Production started in December 1999.
As of 1/10/2012, the plant's business name is AS Scanola Baltic.
A new production facility was opened in March 2013.
A new rapeseed reception centre was opened in August 2013.

Share capital: 5,000,000 euros
Shareholder: AS Baltic Agro