06 August 2013

Scanola Baltic AS, the manufacturer of Olivia rapeseed oil, commissioned four new road tankers, which will enable the company to offer a direct door-to-door service to its customers.

According to Scanola Baltic's management board member, Ants Puusta, the company's own means of transport will help preserve the quality of the refined oil in transport and ensure supply security throughout the logistics chain, from producer to final destination.
Two of the new tank trucks belong to Scanola Baltic and the other two to Tammex Grupp OÜ, an official hauler of Olivia rapeseed oil.

Scanola Baltic's plant manager, Enn Pajupuu, said the acquisition of new tank trucks is important for the business in terms of more efficient logistics and optimised transport costs.

"The specially designed Olivia brand tank trucks are the fastest way for high-quality rapeseed oil transportation.
For the first time in history, Olivia has its own hauling tank trucks, which enable us to provide our own door-to-door service for the first time," Pajupuu noted.

He said the new trucks would also improve the Olivia brand's visibility throughout the Baltics as the four new Olivia brand tankers are in traffic daily, thereby complementing the oil bottles on the store shelves.

More information:
Janelle Joakit Head of Marketing, Baltic Agro
+372 511 4611

Scanola Baltic
Scanola Baltic produces rapeseed feed, feeding oil and refined quality cooking oil.

AS Werol Tehased was founded in 1997 with the aim of establishing a high-protein feed and edible oil plant.
Production started in December 1999.
As of 1/10/2012, the plant's business name is AS Scanola Baltic.
A new production facility with an annual capacity of 140,000 tons opened in March 2013.
The official inauguration of the plant and a new reception centre will take place on 14 August 2013.

Share capital: 5,000,000 euros
Shareholder: AS Baltic Agro

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