ToorõliCrude oil

Crude rapeseed oil is an intermediate product obtained from rapeseed by hot pressing. The hot pressing technology involves no chemicals.
Crude oil has a high energy content and can be used in animal feed rations.

Crude oil is subsequently refined into clear high-quality rapeseed oil.

Crude rapeseed oil is produced solely from non-GMO raw material.

Crude rapeseed oil quality indicators

Peroxide value < 10,0 mekvO2/kg
Moisture < 1,0%
Free fatty acids < 2,0%
Phosphorus < 600 mg/kg
Erucic acid < 1,0%
Crude fibre < 0,1%
Impurities insoluble in petroleum ether < 0,1%
Fatty acid content  
Saturated fat 7-8%
Mono-unsaturated fat 58-66%
Poly-unsaturated fat 27-32%
Energy (100 g) 900 kcal (3700 kJ)