AS Scanola Baltic's rapeseed processing plant in Painküla uses heavy-pressing technology and rapeseed to produce high-protein rapeseed cake, feeding oil and refined rapeseed oil under the Olivia brand.

High-quality Olivia rapeseed oil meets all the European quality requirements for fully refined vegetable oils. The products are mostly sold on the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets. Our high quality is founded upon long production experience, continuously upgraded production facilities and an experienced workforce.

AS Scanola Baltic employs a self-check programme based on HACCP principles and in compliance with EU directives and Estonian legislation.
The self-check programme and ISO 9001 procedures serve to ensure the traceability, safety and high quality of our products.


We offer effective long-term solutions
- for local rapeseed farmers seeking to develop their primary activity
- for stock farmers who use high-energy animal nutrition
- for consumers who use high-quality rapeseed oil for cooking.

AS Werol Tehased began the production of rapeseed cake and rapeseed oil in 1999.
The company was renamed AS Scanola Baltic in 2012.
A new pressing facility with an annual capacity of 140,000 tons of rapeseed opened in spring 2013.
A new reception facility opened in autumn 2013.
In summer 2015, the factory began refining oil using new equipment.
In autumn 2015, a new packaging line was purchased.
A new warehouse for rapeseed cake was completed in the spring of 2016

Share capital:
5,000,000 euros Shareholder:
AS Baltic Agro Member of Management Board:
Ants Puusta
Our Team

The plant employs 43 people. Contacts are available here.